Harpoon Brewery

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I hope I don’t become blasé about visiting breweries.  They’re all similar, but in a nation of capitalist tendencies that leads to homogenous supersized sameness from city to city, they’re distinctive.   The craft beer challenge, though, is to make beers similarly distinctive despite a limited number of styles.  In any case, the search remains “on” for the perfect beer… to my tastes.  So, here’s Harpoon, one of the largest craft breweries and the first to obtain a permit to manufacture and sell alcohol in Massachusetts, in 1986.


One of its best features is its tasting room, which is more of a Tasting Hall.


Another great thing about it was this, a fine pretzel.


And, of course, there was the Leviathon IPA, a double IPA that’s very tasty and drinkable despite its potency.


Let’s see… another remarkable thing were these two people, my kids, who make tastings fun. 



And another good thing was the selection.  I hate it when you go to a brewery and they don’t have anything unique to the venue.  Harpoon certainly delivered there.


What I didn’t like was… the rest of the beer, which varied from “meh” to “okay.”  Samplers, reasonably priced, included the “Specialty” – PMC 192 Kolsch, Get Off My Lawn Strong Bitter, Ales for ALS Double IPA, and Mint Cider:


The Ales was only okay, and the rest… well, let’s backtrack to safer territory then, the “Harpoon Sampler” – ubiquitous Harpoon IPA, Harpoon Dark Munich Lager, Take 5 Session IPA and Summer Kolsch.


Lager – good.  The others, okay.  Oh well.  One winner out of the bunch, then, the Leviathan.  They do conduct tours, but they’re popular and “sell out” fast.  This little bit of equipment can be viewed from the tasting area.



To get on that tour, the exterior wait line might suggest how many people might arrive on a given day to take one or at least taste some brews.  We obviously didn’t get the full tour, but at least they’re up front about it on their website.


What’s left then, is to marvel at the size of the place and… wander around the seaport area looking for some good seafood… something that rates higher than “Meh.” 


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  1. You had me sold when you got to the pretzel.