Shem Creek Shutterbug

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Once again on vacation at our "go to" destination of Isle of Palms, I detoured to the area known as Shem Creek, just outside of Charleston, SC.  With docks, marsh, boats, restaurants… it’s hard not to find something to take photos of, even if they’re familiar.  And, the area allows easy access for all of these - no crawling in waders through the marsh or treading where you don't belong.

So, as you must for better photos, you arrive as the sun rises and return later in the evening to capture shadows for contrast and richer colors.  Also, my wife rented a Sony a7ii camera as a temporary upgrade to our aging Nikon D-90.  It has a 24 mega pixel sensor, which means that you can crop photos and still have plenty of data for excellent photos.  However, the familiarity with Nikon’s controls proved a plus, as I accidentally wasted too large a number of shots at ISO 16,000 on the Sony.  You can't judge a photo by the rear LCD... you have to pay attention to your settings.  For non-photographers, 16,000 ISO this means they’re extremely grainy and hardly worth playing with.

The Sony is also a “mirror-less” camera, which is lighter weight and the current photography darling of photography enthusiasts outside of the U.S.  At this point, I still prefer the SLR familiarity of the old and proven, but I’m interested to see how the controls develop for mirror-less bodies.  It seems that they’re already sacrificing their clear advantage in weight and size to “gimmick” up their camera bodies so that the controls more closely resemble the readily accessible and intuitive dial controls on SLRs, rather than scrolling through software options – a wise move in my opinion. 

In any case, it was a fun week.  Note: some photos were enhanced in Adobe Lightroom as opposed to "as shot."


Below is a casualty of ISO 16,000… moreso when the kayakers were further into the foreground which made for a better composition.  In any case, click on it for a larger view, and you can see the difference.










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