Land of Opportunity

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Laundry loaded
Detergent added
Placing the quarters in the slots
In the back
     ”Got a quarter?”
     ”Go ask your mom, kid”
Breezeless, humid air
Roaring washers, humming dryers

Then the sister
Big beads of sweat pouring down her fat body
Flipping a quarter
Playing god to the brother
     ”Bam, bambambambambam”
Striking the pinball flippers as quickly as possible
A friend watches the ball closely
(Knowing she could do better)
     ”ping! ping!”
The ball goes down the chute.

The brother
(With the “why doesn’t anybody love me?” look)
Hugging the pinball machine
     ”I want more moneeeyy!!”
Expression of childish desire
Thoughts of greed
Oh, no, it’s mother
     “J.R., quit your whining and come here!”
Doomed on the road to success.

Written when I was in college.  Doing laundry…

1 comment :

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