I Found Santa

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For many years, it was a goofy tradition but one that we lost possibly due to disinterest, being busy, or… heck?  Where’s Santa?

Rescued from maw of the unyielding “junk drawer of all idle things,” he deserved a more comfortable rest.


And, so it begins, where I place Santa someplace for my wife to find him, then it’s her turn, etc. 

Well, here he is in action. Hanging out in the jewelry cabinet, likely to be opened soon for a planning evening out.


Hard to miss this one.


Or this one.


Sometimes, he has a challenge of finding his balance, but he manages.


Knowing your spouse’s tendencies can help.


Or staying current with illness symptoms.


Sometimes, there’s humor, such as a Santa holding a bell pointing to a bigger one.


Here, Santa is about to be squashed under a recently arrived package from the Big River that 1) has supplanted his sleigh and 2) will need to be opened as it contains a present.  Poor Santa.  He looks a little concerned, frankly.  As he should, after having spent two days in the fridge.


After such a crushing experience… things don’t get better.


He’s very pliable in doing what we want him to do, at least.


Christmas comes and goes, and so Santa is once again placed in the maw, although one not quite so deep.


There is a Mrs. Claus as well, whereabouts unknown.

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