Sweet Old Girl

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While the summer days grew longer
it was clear that her days grew short
bursts of energy were reserved for meal times
eating voraciously after excited snorts.


You know... you know,  that each shiny puppy
will someday wear out its days
but there’s a mystery about the journey
and so much life to be lived along the way


Even dog years don’t extend the reach of time, though
and activity slows to a quiet patient slumber
when all it takes is the attention of a touch
a kind tone,  and a “good girl”  to work wonders


What does she dream about
when she’s sleep barking at night?
Is she challenging other dogs
or chasing after things she likes?


She was a cute enough puppy, I guess
she liked being dragged on the floor like a mop
a blended Heinz 57 mix of genetics
the type not found unless you seek to adopt

Puppies should play on our terms, right?
but she saw no point when asked to catch or fetch
and she was by no means a pretty dog
given her crooked tail and cheery Jaws of death


How far and wide would suburban dogs wander
if people let them be true to their nature?
we don’t stop to weigh whether cruelty or kindness
is found on a leash or confined to an acre

This one’s nose let her live beyond herself, I think,
taking pleasure in what comes from out there
give her a shoe or a pants leg freshly arrived
or witness her draw in the fullness of the evening air


Dogs achieve varied means of expressing themselves
whether a look, or prancing, or a “woo woo woo”
that last was an excited greeting shared just for me
inexplicable and unfair in my wife’s point of view


Too soon Gypsy slowed to a being a sweet old girl
even dog years don’t help in judging life complete
but throughout this girl was loving and faithful
what i once called a stupid dog was far more sweet.



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