Spoon – They Want My Soul

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Spoon (an awkward name for a band, isn’t it?) is one of those bands I enjoy whenever I hear one of their songs... mixed among other artists.  To take an album of a whole is to get a LOT of nearly thspoon-they_want_my_soul-608x608_535_535_c1e same thing.  Narrow vocal range, similar pacing, measured lyric lines, big beat, simple arrangements... predictable and pleasing.   The band doesn’t use that many instruments, so each has its own sonic space, leaving the sound clear and uncluttered.

Otherwise, their music is suitable for, say, pounding out performance evaluations.  The beat keeps driving you on while your attention is elsewhere.  Just the functional use which artists aspire, I’m certain.  It’s a niche sound – kind of like the Kinks and kind of punk in their confident presentation.

So, this is their 8th album, and the 4th I’ve purchased.  I keep doing it, not because there’s a song I want, but because, somewhere within, it clicks for me.  I’ll listen closely as I do with all new releases, and then filter out the songs in playlists.

They Want My Soul is, in my estimation, their best album.  The range is narrow, but keyboards and synthesizers are more observable than in past releases and supplement rather than distract.  Coming after a four year break, the band sounds re-energized and focused. 

Songs touch on relationship observations, scorn for hypocrites, being tired of the takers in the world, rejection of (organized?) religion, and snippets of thoughts or feelings, really.  For all that, it doesn’t really matter, as leader Daniel Britt’s voice could be singing about anything and still sound the same, just another instrument for most listens.

If there’s a qualm in this seemingly effortless and breezy batch of songs, it would be that it clocks in at under 40 minutes and ends, in time and movement, rather abruptly.

Recommended: “I Just Don’t Understand,” “They Want My Soul,” Rainy Taxi”

3 of 5 STARS



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