Triple C Brewing Company, Charlotte, NC

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Charlotte, like most cities, has a budding craft brewery business.  For those visiting from out of town, it appears that there’s a cooperative spirit in planning evenings on which tours are conducted:   NoDa – Tuesdays, Triple C – Wednesdays, Birdsong – Thursdays.  Well, it was a Wednesday.


Triple C is named after the first names of its three founders, of which two have departed as the brewery approaches its second anniversary this month.  The company has a 20,000 sq.ft. building which should handle growth for some years to come.


The tap room is pretty warm, with a nice view into the brewery.  Seating was adequate for what is probably their biggest weeknight crowd due to the tour.  Outside tables and a food truck were available also.


And, to the important stuff:  The beer menu.


Well, where to start?  The Baby Maker DIPA, of course, which pours as beautifully as I’ve seen.  The beer was named after one of the brewery’s owners, at a time when a baby was in the works.  I like the pun, given the 8.5% alcohol content.


This was a really tasty beer as well, and one that I would order again as a first preference at a local restaurant.  That’s not to say their 3C IPA is a slouch, either (named after three hops ingredients, not the founders).  That would be the same beer that their head brewer, Scott, is holding below.


Scott is relatively young, but he’s been with the brewery since it began, after a start with home brewing and a couple of subsequent roles at breweries in DE and CO.  He seems to have established a good vision of what he wants and has the experience to get there.  It was a bonus to have him lead the tour, as so many breweries just put a “personality” in charge of explaining the history.

Below is Scott’s dog, a companion throughout the tour, obviously comfortable with the environs.


3C has some barrel aged beers awaiting fruition this fall and early next year.


Otherwise, there’s the usual assortment of stainless steel tanks, fermenters, etc.


... as well as the space available from which they could triple their capacity as they grow.  They currently sell primarily in the Charlotte area.


A worthy visit for locals or visitors!

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