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With Atlanta having two craft breweries for a number of years (with additional ones of late), I was surprised to find that Birmingham, AL already has three.  Given an opportunity...  off I go to Good People Brewing.  I’ve sampled their beer at area restaurants, but I was unaware the brewery was large enough to visit.


The first surprise is how differently Alabama and Georgia view breweries.  In Georgia, you pay admission, usually get a souvenir pint glass, and are allowed up to a certain amount of ounces of beer during the tour.  These are typically during very limited hours.

In Birmingham, breweries are bars.  No admission.  No free pint glass.  No legally prescribed limit on how much beer you can sample.  It’s a bar, open late afternoons and evenings, perfect for an after-work visit.
The second surprise was the space.  Atlanta breweries seem to be in industrial parks, with ho-hum concrete and metal buildings without any innate construction character.

Not so here.  The space is a former mattress warehouse, with a fantastic curved roof.  That’s not exactly friendly for heating and cooling, but it makes for a great space.


From the outside, it’s rather non-descript.  Upon entering, you first receive all the needed instructions:


Well, okay then.   The arrow leads to... pretty much everything, but mainly the bar.


The split kegs hanging as lighting fixtures are a hoot.  But it’s clear that this was constructed with an after-hours destination in mind.  There’s space for a band, utility spools for tables, and ample “space.”  No food is served, but a street vendor was camped outside this particular evening.



There are no dividing walls, here, and, to my knowledge, there wasn’t even a tour.  However, that doesn’t stop anyone from watching employees at work.  Good People purchased a canning line last year, and several employees were tinkering with the line to get it canning.

Overall, the brewery now makes about 15,000 barrels per year, and their canning line has helped them gain entry to shelf space.

Now, the beer:


The below is the Snake Handler, a pretty darned tasty IPA. So good that I might scout out some in a store during my trip to bring home with me.

I also tried the Coffee Oatmeal Stout, a worthy beer, full of malt flavor.  But the Snake Handler really, really stood out.


I’ve had their Brown Ale and Pale Ale in restaurants, which were okay.  I was pleasantly surprised with the two beers above as I came with average expectations. 

For those so inclined, they sell the requisite brewery stuff, of course.

Their website has a flashy entrance, but at present, the links are broken.

Their facility also remains somewhat speculative.  After moving in, the city decided to build a new baseball stadium for their AA team across the street.  There remains a possibility that paradise may yet again be replaced with a parking lot.  Hopefully, the two are allowed to coexist.  It makes sense.

And, finally, some humor.


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