George’s on North Highland

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Another “yummy burger” visit.  George’s (Bar and Restaurant) appears on a number of lists, and while I like new and trendy, I favor old and established venues for a general vibe.  George’s was said somewhere to have a New York feel to it, so I ventured forth with a friend and young adults (kids) in tow.


From the outside, George’s has that “look” of an established neighborhood bar, which it is.   We were pleased to find a table without waiting, but otherwise the bar was full.

I’m not sure what I expect from a “New York” style bar, and, of course, I’ve never been bar hopping in New York.  Additionally, nowhere does George describe itself as a New York anything.  What it does have is a lot of wood finishing, fixtures that have been around for 30 plus years, and a feel of a clientele very heavily weighted to locals.  Their website indicates it has had its share of notable personages visit.

Otherwise, it looks like a bar. 


Also, nowhere will you find it described as a burger place.  It’s a bar, with the usual assortment of bar food.  That said, it does have 12 burgers on its menu (vegetable burgers not worth mentioning), and that is, after all, what I came for.

Sadly, I forget exactly what I ordered.  I tend to be attracted to spicy ingredients – jalapenos, salsa, and other ingredients that can overpower the flavor of the meat.  And you can get those here.  Instead, I got a traditional burger with a homemade pimento cheese.


The result was an excellent burger, the meat with a perfectly heated, savory grill flavor.  The pimento cheese was good also, though with a lingering taste of onion.

I’m not often in the North Highland area, but if I were looking for a burger, this one ranks with the best in the vicinity.  Others, not so far away, don’t require paid parking.  If I lived in the area, that would be another thing.

4 of 5 STARS

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