Atlanta Food Truck Park and Market

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I’ve passed by this “acreage” just off I-75 at Howell Mill Road a number of times, and it so happened my wife and I were in the area and had the perfect opportunity to stop there... meaning she didn’t particularly care where we ate.


I’ve had food from “food trucks” several times.  There’s one that drives to the front of my office building periodically (and if they were smart, they’d camp out at the local craft breweries when they’re open for tours). 

In any case, food trucks are the evolutionary step for food vendors who otherwise set up tents at outdoor festivals and similar.  “Evolutionary,” in this case, speaks to Intelligent Design, I think we can agree.  And why not?  You’ve got all your stuff in a mobile kitchen, with no lugging stuff around or fearing the elements.

But... to create a destination “event” where people drive to where mobile food trucks are parked is pretty funny.  It kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?  It may as well be called an outdoor food court.

Well, I knew where the trucks were parked; I was less certain about public parking.  By guessing at the left turn just past the Park and hoping for the best, the street eventually wraps around into a parking area.   

After a short walk uphill, we arrived to find entertainment:


And, other than that, it was pretty much food trucks:



(And a couple of food trailers... kind of a let down, honestly.  Do they let just anyone park here?)



My wife chose crepes.  Yep, crepes.  There’s a crepe truck, you see.  They weren’t that busy, but she liked it.


In terms of marketing, you can try really fine print.  People have to approach close to the truck where the order taker can be all personable and everything.


And, if that doesn’t work, you can advertise a little more boldly.


In this case, the truck did both, and, yep, they got my money.  #1 Food Truck, eh?  Well, I ordered the WOW Factor – 20 hour smoked pork served over a bed of stone ground cheese grits topped with BBQ sauce & Chipotle Cream.  As it happens, it looks like this:


A closer view showing the grits underneath.


It was very good, actually.  I might debate that $10 ($2 for the Coke Zero) was a bit overpriced, but, hey, even Food Trucks have to pay the rent (cough cough).  On a nice day and with spousal latitude (or a work day option), I’d probably try it again, though.

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  1. Twenty-hour smoked pork? How did it compare with GC that you had recently?