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Prior to a recent concert, I returned to Little Five Points’ Wrecking Bar Brewpub, for my third visit.  Looks like a pub, right?


Actually, the main floor is an events facility. 

But, tucked away underneath, accessible from a side entrance...


If someone were to think that brewpub is a redundant term, they brew their own beer and have the usual pub fare, including other drinks and food.  Out of customer view is the brewing area:


And there’s your exterior tour.  But inside is where the magic is at.  Wrecking Bar makes the most out of its original stone pillars and wood, making a masculine feel without feeling oppressive.   Tables are placed close to the windows, while others surround the centrally located bar.


Their menu changes.  Below are their beer offerings from August, 2013.


The Jemmy Stout and Breakfast Stout are the only holdovers 8 months later.  But that’s okay because they’ve added more, of course.  Sampled on this visit was the excellent Victor IPA (described as “a complex IPA with mostly English and German base and caramelized malts and loads of American hops; providing flavors of tangerine, mango and a hint of lemon citrus.  ABV 6.7%”) and the HopfenRoggenLager (“a happy rye lager.  We created a recipe of all German malts and a new German Polaris, Smaragd, and Mandarina Bavarian hops”).  I’m sure that means more to people who are further in the know.  There are others, of course.  The point is that the beer is actually quite good, in a very engaging environment along with...

... yummy burgers.  This was from August, a fairly straightforward interpretation:


And this one just a week ago:


Their house Burger varies monthly.  This one with “local beef, pickled spring veggies, fresh jalapenos, cilantro & Chinese mustard sauce.”  In other words, a spicy offering that hit my palate just right.  Just delicious.


The menu otherwise includes gyros, BBQ pork sandwich, pastrami, and more fully featured entrees such as trout.

All that said, particularly enjoyable was the “In Fashion” (“not your grandfather’s old fashioned, Fur Roses Bourbon, orange & cherry on the rocks with our twist”).  The Luxardo cherries were particularly good, adding distinction without tampering with the whiskey.

If you’re in Little Five, or near it, or want to stretch your legs from the suburb, Wrecking Bar is a worthwhile trip... better with company, of course.


5 of 5 STARS

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