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I’ve been gradually going to burger places around Atlanta because I like burgers, obviously, but also because I keep hoping to find an even better burger.   Helpfully, the web is full of Top Anything lists, so the best burgers around Atlanta have been identified and it’s a fairly finite universe.  I’ll probably write my own summary, but... not today.

Featured frequently on others’ lists is the ingloriously named U.S. Cafe.


The South Cobb location (one of three) is located in a small, easily ignored shopping center, but it’s rather spacious inside.  It’s not a dump and it doesn’t strive for ambience.  But there is a sort of homey feel, and there’s a side room with two large screen TV’s.  That said, the space isn’t particularly well thought out.  A man using the urinal is right in the line of a table outside the restroom door when it is opened. 

When you order, they apparently presume you want it “medium” because they don’t ask.  They’re well known for using fresh Black Angus Ground Chuck


The food was prepared fairly quickly.  They curiously chose an employee with a limited command of English to butcher the pronunciation of patron names.  It was almost funny, but also difficult to hear.

There were four of us, each with slight variations... different sized patties, no onions, that kind of thing.   How difficult can a burger be?  Well, three of the four of us got orders that were wrong.  And this place has been in business for 25 years?


Despite all that, the patty was tasty and wasn’t oversaturated with fat.  The fries were better than average also.  If I’m in the area, I’d try it again, but I wouldn’t go out of my way as I did for this visit.   I’d also happily try one of their other two locations hoping for a better result in accuracy, vibe, and customer service.  It was a fine burger, one that is better than the fast food joints and the fancy restaurants that offer burgers as an afterthought.  But, the search continues because I know better is still out there.


I usually past in a graphic of 1-5 Stars, but this wasn’t worthy of 4 Stars, and, the burger, at least, was better than 3 Stars.  I guess I need to do more graphics work, but this is the first time I’ve struggled with a rating.  I’ll go strictly numerical with a 3.4 rating.

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