Out with the old, in with the new?

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Hello, 2014.

While I waited for a prescription to be filled at my local grocery store (no, I’m not sick, thank you for asking), I decided to browse the magazine rack.  I’ve enjoyed magazine racks, particularly in the 1990’s when bigger box book stores expanded the offerings - Barnes’ and Noble, Borders’, Books-a-Million, whatever – for someone who doesn’t like sitting around sipping coffee, it was the perfect place to kill a little time, or a lot.

After easily dismissing the 80% of shelf space targeted to women, I arrived at the end of manly materials, consisting of outdoorsman (fishing, hunting, guns, travel), video games, and music/pop culture.  Surprisingly, I don’t think there were any auto or motorcycle magazines.  I’m not complaining.  There wasn’t a whole lot of variety, but it is just a grocery store.  


With no rearrangement of the displayed goods, I snapped a photo of the above.  What have I been missing?  This would be a newsstand circa 1977 if Metallica didn’t shift the time capsule to late 1980’s interest.  That’s still 20+ years gone.

My first thought is that I feel sorry for my kids.  If they go to magazine racks, they can enjoy my childhood, not theirs.  But, of course, they won’t.  They’ll go to the internet.  Printed relics like these are intended for people my age (maybe) or more likely a decade older. 

I used to buy stuff like this back in the late 70’s.  There was no internet.  There were no movie videos or cable channels to feed specific interests.  If you had a fan interest in anything, your need was all but limited to printed information.  In fact, I searched for this type of stuff store to store hoping to find just one thing that I was interested in, and that would make my week (or longer) a good one. Because there were no other options.  In hindsight, today’s information overload makes the 70’s seem an era of information rationing.

But, today, I don’t need any of this crap littering my house. I have no shortage of collectibles from back then, but after all this time, there’s nothing new to be found under the sun at the ol’ magazine rack.  And if there was a “rare, behind the scenes, never published photo of Paul McCartney in disguise at a tea shoppe or Mark Hamill trying to squeeze inside the C3PO kit, I’d just find it online.  For free.

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