11 Minutes of Football

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I remember game days in college very well – it was a “day.”  The getting up, the smooching of tailgate food provided by a friend’s parents, the pre-game festivities, sweating in the sun for hours, the after game shower, and Chanelo’s Pizza.

After I graduated, I became jaded.  Air-conditioning might do that, and certainly high-definition TV has squashed sacrificial game watching.  But, I really miss walking to a game from the dorm instead of driving for hours.   It made a full game day experience too long, not to mention less convenient.  As it seems every game is now aired on TV somewhere, the games also take longer due to the TV timeouts.

Fast forward to the modern era.  I watch football, but with my iPhone handy or while on the computer.  I multitask – reading the news, playing Sudoku, whatever.  But I’ve found that I can figuratively amuse myself to death while watching a game.  Per the name of the blog, if amusements aren’t the point of my life (and they’re not), they’re a frequent byproduct of what I choose to do, read, think about, or similar.  So, compressing more entertainment into an expected 3.5 hour football is a good thing, right?

Well, it seems like games don’t take as long as they used to.  They do, and I’ve assigned that notion to the general inflationary rate of time as I get older.   But at the end of the game, and in view of whatever else has distracted me, the game just doesn’t seem as rich as it used to be.  Well,  11 minutes of football is really quite a revelation.  Click it and see.

If it were technologically possible to instantly fast forward to the next action sequence (defined as when the football is in play), I wonder if I would enjoy the game.  There would be no time to emotionally process the stress of failures or contemplate the odds of overcoming the next obstacle, just as there would be no time to savor the incremental victories.  

And, I think that’s why i multi-task.  I still feel the emotional tug during a game, but other activity moderates whatever anxiety I have for a particular game. 

In full disclosure, I only feel anxiety when Clemson is playing.   I love them, but they have a knack of disappointing me.  Undefeated seasons are not too much to ask.  At times... other teams may play a factor as well, such as for whoever should be beating South Carolina.  And Georgia.  And Alabama.   And if I’m not pulling for or against, there’s a sympathetic factor in play for poor, long suffering teams that my kids might have an interest in (GA Tech).  How does such a smart school employ such a lousy coach?  I digress. 

Maybe 11 minute recaps would suffice for all the rest.  Rather than watch a 3.5 hour game, I could watch 19 games in the same span.  That would make for a pretty awesome Sunday afternoon.  But, without the multitasking, I’d probably have to break for a nap. 

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  1. After so many years, I know what you mean about walking to the game. Although the stadium was never that close to the dorms, by the time you did student parking, your were pretty far away. That and spending the night on cement to get a good ticker/seat. So many memories...