The Improbability Drive

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Take a young man, send him to college, fund him with a cafeteria plan to keep him alive, and hope he returns home healthy and more mature.

Do it again the following year, fund him with a... well, wait.  What?  He wants to cook for himself?  Really?  The same guy who only eats day old pizza if someone else warms it for him?  Just how bad was that last meal plan?

A time of growth, indeed.

So, through the semester we’ve heard of ongoing experiments about making the perfect chili.  My wife gave him the “family recipe” specifying exactly which store mix to purchase, plus the other basics.  Reportedly, many experiments were “too spicy,” a difficult admission.  Cayenne pepper will do that.  But he’s had plenty of practice, as a big batch can last for days.  It’s cheap and efficient.

The stars aligned this evening.  Home for the holidays, he was confident enough about his creation to actually want to make it for us.  (Insert eyes wide open parental bewilderment).  And he did just that, advancing himself one cooking level above his big sister, who made peanut butter and (not enough) jelly sandwiches for me earlier in the day. 

So, take your basics (ground beef, chili mix, chili beans of choice, diced tomatoes) and add chopped red peppers (sautéed with coriander) and brown sugar (because sugar makes everything taste better), and... I’d give it an “A”...  another good grade for a good semester.


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  1. My kids loved the college cafeterias. Robert had a food plan all 4 years (okay he was a RA and lived in a freshman dorm and the UGA cafeterias were amazing) but Lizzy and Ryan had food plans even after they moved out of the dorms. So, not sure what it's a comment on - their laziness or my cooking. Enjoy the time with the kids - and the chili!