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I was never a huge Cheers fan, but I recognize that it would be comforting to have a bar/eatery nearby where everyone knew my name (everyone I liked, anyway).  And, I suppose that the “feel” of such a place extends to my affection for certain bars around town, like The Book House Pub on Ponce or The Brick Store Pub in Decatur.  it might especially apply to Salt Factory, due to proximity, but... I’d want my regular spot to have available seating when I arrived, which is not the case there.

Moxie Burger isn’t quite that mythological place, either.  It’s a bit too far from where I live, and it’s not a bar (or gastro-pub as are the above).  But, otherwise, it’s got a lot going for it.  It’s off the main road very slightly, which carries a certain cache for “we’re so confidant we’ll hide our restaurant 200 yards away from a road where a gazillion cars pass by every day.”  Keeps those riff-raff out that don’t know your name.

The size within is comfortable, though some tables are packed a bit tightly.  And, it has additional outdoor seating for those days when climate change ignores political pressures and let’s Atlanta be Atlanta. 

It’s welcoming, even, in that upon entering the first time, it’s recognizable as an affordable, everyday hamburger kind of place.  There’s a brief menu, you order your grub, you wait for it, and it arrives at your table.  And, they even had a Clemson game on the TV.  There’s moxie for you.

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I met a friend for lunch, and we both had burgers.  I had the namesake Moxie burger, 6 oz. of Angus beef, bacon, green fried tomato, pimento cheese, and moxie sauce.  Oh, and fries.  After a slight bun adjustment...

photo 32

The meat patty appeared to be a full 6 oz. after cooking, and it was fairly dense, well molded patty.   It was very well cooked and assembled, as well as downright tasty.  And, speaking of tasty, the French fry quality can vary greatly from place to place.  These rated the full 5 Star appreciation score.  They know how to tend their fryers.

Moxie has burgers (with ample options to keep it interesting), a couple sandwiches, salads for the ladies (and men without dignity), and hot dogs.  You don’t like those options?  You don’t go there.  That leaves room for the rest of us.

A final comment.  Outstanding service, friendly and regular without being too obtrusive.  Now, if I can just find a place like this within 5 minutes of my house, slightly less family-friendly, and with a more robust craft beer selection...

4 of 5 STARS

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