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I know what you’re thinking.

“I wonder what awesome feedback this guy gets from having written, fairly regularly, for five and a half years?”

It’s a good question, and I thank you for asking it!  I have an email address associated solely with this blog, and when someone posts a reply to any of my posts, I get the proverbial “Inbox (1)”.   It’s pretty awesome.  It always begins with “Anonymous has left a new comment...”

Let’s check out some of that public acclaim, shall we?

On my review of Inception:

“Very energetic article, I enjoyed that bit. Will there be a part 2?
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On “Mafia Wars – Killin’ Time”

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On “Challenge Nation: Atlanta 2012”

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On “Photographic Blog Fodder”

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And, so it goes.  Those are just in the past week.  I think it goes to show that:

1)  “Word Verification” – the aggravating “type the word in the adjacent graphic so we know you’re not a computer posting a comment” – has gone the way of the clothes line (seen any lately?) or,

2) The people who somehow earn livings promoting whatever on social media must be really, really persistent.  They’re such wizards of poor grammar and misspelling, yet they get the stupid Word Verification right.

3) Google has an income stream from selling Word Verification bypass rights to mass spammers.  (Note: I just made that up, but a Google search shows that people have all sorts of hacks to get around these.  Dammit.).

Go figure.  I guess Paragraph Verification will be the next big thing, and then I can write without the distracting noise.

Still, 517 posts, 133,542 page views, and 37 followers.  I’m thankful for each and all.

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