Jameson First Shot

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Having sampled Jameson Irish Whiskey mixed with Sprite, I found that I liked the flavor of the whiskey but that it was too sweet with Sprite.  So, in an idle moment, I decided to check out the maker’s website for their suggestions.

Their suggestions were straightforwardly presented.

Scrolling down, I enjoyed their “how it’s made” series, and scrolled further to ultimately find Jameson First Shot, a sponsored competition for short films.  Last year’s movies featured Kevin Spacey, who committed without knowing who (producers) might win and what the production values might be.

Kevin Spacey is an actor whose work I’ve always appreciated, though I’ve often been disappointed in his role choices.  These were all enjoyable and worth my time, so, I thought they might be worth yours as well.



And, a funny one:


Willem Dafoe has similarly taken part in the three winners for 2013, which are viewable on the competition site above.  I prefer Spacey’s by far.   I have to wonder if the stories were better in 2012 than in 2013 or whether Spacey comes across as a more sympathetic character in each of the skits.  It’s not the competition they were hoping for, but if Spacey were cast in the 2013 films, I think they would have been mildly improved.  Had Dafoe been cast in Spacey’s, not so much.  So, yeah.  Spacey wins Round 1.

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