DragonCon 2013 – The Non-Parade

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The annual Dragon*Con Parade occurs the Saturday of each Labor Day weekend.  For the last 5 or more years, we’ve made our way to Peachtree St. earlier and earlier to gain a foothold to enjoy the parade – and photograph it.  There’s just too many people now, so we changed tactics.

This year, I tried to work my way through the parade assembly area, with middling success.  It’s not like participants have special badges, but as I was dressed more like an aged Peter Parker (who is a photographer – and the secret identity of Spiderman if you’re completely without a reference), I didn’t quite fit in and was shooed away.  So, I took what I could.

I followed this family to the parade area.


This zombie was guarding a car to make sure no fresh meet got away.  No appetite for Mr. Beard behind her, I guess.


Each year, the Box Heroes march in the parade.  Spoiler: Secret identities revealed!




I don’t know which group this is, but they were having a merry time.


Some costumes just crack me up.  Apparently, he could see pretty well.


A little help getting a parade participant ready.


I have no clue what this is, but I’ll call him Fuzzy Foot.


A lot of participants cut it close to getting to the assembly area in time and scrambled to find their respective marching sections.  Probably had a late night.


These guys were in position to watch the parade.  It goes to show either that each costume begins gradually or... some costumes get really hot, sweaty and uncomfortable throughout a convention day, so why bother?


Finally working around near my meet up point, I met Ms. Terminator enjoying a cigarette.  Cyborgs have needs, you know.


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