Black Market Bar


A coworker mentioned Black Market during a recent visit to Birmingham, AL.  There seems to be good burgers everywhere, but far be it from me to ignore a recommendation for another good one.

The bar was moderately busy when I arrived, mostly with people stopping by after work.  Most were dining outside in a patio area. I sat at the bar within and took stock of the place.

By my friend’s observation, and later by the bartender’s inquiry about me being from Atlanta, there are some Vortex similarities.  One would be their reputation for burgers, obviously.  Another would be that they have Laughing Skull beer, virtually the house brand for Vortex made by Atlanta’s Red Brick Brewing.  And third would be the retro nostalgia themed walls, but on a lesser scale.


It is, however, different in a number of ways.  Parking isn’t a pain, smoking isn’t allowed, the music isn’t played so loud that conversation is difficult, and the pace is unhurried.  Good things, all.

To the crux of the matter.  The Good Cook?  Or, the Evil Cook?  The burger menu below shows their offerings, but the boxed option in the upper right is the offering in point:  The Trashcan Burger.  You can rule out one ingredient, but the rest is left to the whimsy of the Cook.


They have other quite tempting options... but to not go down this road would be one of those rear view mirror regrets.  You gotta try it, right?

Well, there is the possibility of the Evil Cook, one noted to have replaced the buns with grilled cheese sandwiches on either side of the meat patty.  Or who piled a burger with jalapeƱos when the customer was overly vocal about what he didn’t want.

Okay.  You take your chances... I opted for no raw onion.  And below is what I got:


First of all, the meat patty was fantastic – not overly greasy, either.  The bun didn’t disintegrate due to juices or handling, so the basics are covered.  Otherwise, we have a good quality bacon, gouda cheese, maybe another kind of cheese, a special sauce with a hint of jalapeƱo (perhaps), lettuce (maybe with a dash of salad oil), tomato, fried pickles, and, just to spite me, a single scallion.

Summed up:  better than anything I’ve had at Vortex, and one of the very best burgers I’ve had.  So, here’s a heartfelt “thanks” to the Good Cook.

Otherwise, Black Market has a good selection of beers and mixed drinks, and the service was excellent.



  1. Is that Yvonne deCarlo's face on the menu? Yum! Just lamenting that I normally don't get by there. Good write up though!

  2. Looks like Carolyn Jones from The Addams Family. This place sounds great!