What’s in Your Backyard, Part Two

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The Bushnell trail camera broke, and we finally got it repaired under warranty.   This brings us one year forward from our last observations of the critters that travel along the path in our back yard that borders Little River.  Mother Nature is alive and well.

We have a possum.  He makes the rounds each night, including to our front yard bushes where he digs out the mulch. 


We have a rabbit.  We don’t see too much of him, but maybe he knows he’s a dinner entre inhabiting a high-traffic zone.


This guy might be interested, for example.  He and his like are regulars.


Let’s brighten Wile E. Coyote’s portrait up a bit.


This raccoon pokes around every night.


All of the animals, except the possum, seem to stick to the path basically above the raccoon in the photo and enter/exit at the bottom of the picture.  Towards the left is the river and to the right is a steep incline to our house.

See the little white blip next to the tree?  That’s not a camera flaw (... like the dark splotch upper right... thank you Bushnell for returning a working camera but with dirt either inside the lens or on the sensor...).   Anyway, it’s a critter watching and waiting for Rocky to leave.


It’s kind of interesting in that a week later, Rocky hasn’t shaken his tail:


These ladies are regulars as well, from two to four at a time.  They’re shoppers who browse the offerings very slowly.


Our fox is a regular visitor.


Here he is a week later.  Maybe he’s looking for Rocky.


In the absence of a bear, we arrive at our Grand Finale.  Our bobcat, who obligingly gave us a still shot rather than his usual blur of motion.


With a little Photoshop help to brighten out day:


Stay tuned for more... as soon as we get the camera fixed.  Again.

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  1. I am patiently waiting for that shot of a sasquatch! ;-)