The Third Man

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I walked after him
that villain that died with me.
With a third we struggled
on the road to Calvary.

Messiah! King! Savior!
Some of those people said
that he made the very tree
from which his cross was made.

We carried our own cross,
yet he could hardly stand.
It was clear then to see
the King of Jews was just a man.

I found it hard to believe
the claims his followers made
that this broken, disfigured man
would have saved us all someday

Two sides of the same face
we could see as we were tied.
We were all caught in pain
as they nailed us on either side

Why die together, we three,
if this man is who they say?
“Save yourself and us,” I asked,
but you turned His face away.

“He has no fault,” you said,
condemned justly are we.
To you He made a promise,
but what good is that to me?

I saw the clouds roll quickly in
and very soon He was gone.
I too followed and suddenly stood
in the presence of the Son of God.

How could one so holy
have been on a cross with you and me?
I didn’t know the face of god,
but you saw what I didn’t see.

Before Him now I see your joy,
by grace He set you free.
By his justice I am undone.
Who will remember me?

Luke 23:39-44

© Reese 12/17/96

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