Gun Rights

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Sometimes I think I should blog about more things in the political arena, but that takes a lot of effort to craft things that are already said somewhere else by someone who is more eloquent and better informed.  In other words, it takes time and energy.  

This post won’t take much time, and the subsequent emotional appeals for gun control following the Newtown, CT tragedy, although fully expected, bother me.  It’s difficult to respond to any of the recent tragedies caused by assault weapons, because I don’t subscribe to that rhetoric.  Those that do seek in some way to limit the scope of harm caused by high capacity guns when used with evil intent. 

The 2nd Amendment is very inconvenient for those who would prefer abolition of guns, but that vision has no hold in the reality of the world today, or ever, unless human nature becomes less human.  So, we’ll likely see a return on the ban on the sales of assault rifles with a pistol grip and more than one other “evil” feature, such as a suppressor fitting, bayonet lug, and such.  This accomplishes nothing aside from limiting consumer choices of citizens who choose to buy weapons.  It has no impact on massacres such as Newtown or Va. Tech, but it does serve as a balm for those who insist something must be done about the tools used. 

I don’t own an assault rifle, and I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve needed a gun.  But the following video, featuring Dr. Susan Gratia Huff  during the Brady Bill hearings, acutely sums the points that I believe in, and, in fact, the rights given to us in our Constitution.

She survived Luby’s Massacre, where 50 people were shot and 23 killed.  Either side of the gun rights/control argument can present sympathetic case studies to support their positions, but hers speaks not just to the law, but the Bill of Rights.  Her weapon, in the context of gun control advocates that seek to ban weapons, essentially was.  The lunatic’s was not.

For further consideration:  Bath School Disaster.  No guns to blame.  No violent TV.  No violent movies. No video games.  Evil is the problem.  Always has been, always will.

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  1. Interesting to see that Schumer was there. I guess he was thinking about unions or universal health care. It is amazing, and less than amusing, to see people witness her testimony, then go out and try to ban guns. Logic need not apply...