Happy Birthday, Jackie


A 21st birthday brings with it the promise of meat.  “Meat” shouldn’t be inferred as ground sirloin, ground chuck, or a chicken breast.  For my little T-Rex, quality meat is demanded and lots of it.

And it was that our family of four made our way to Fogo de Chao, where hot sizzling steak arrives at your plate whenever you want it.  Simply flip your cue card to green, and offerings of meat are presented for your approval, in a portion and temperature of your choosing.  Jackie prefers the green side of the card.


And then good things happen.











Which results in mandible exercise.


For those not familiar with a Brazilian steakhouse, the concept is fairly simple.  For a fixed price, you get an unlimited salad bar followed by unlimited meat.  And, you’re not even required to eat at the salad bar.  However, it should be said, that everything at the salad bar, from the cheeses to the chicken salad, etc., were excellent.  But you don’t want to eat too much of that because, well, you pay a tidy sum, and that would be for the carnivorous portion, all fire roasted.

And my 21 year old carnivore did something like...

  • Filet Mignon – The foundation upon which T-Rex’s meal expectations are based.  Fail here, and teeth are bared.  She was happy with three (3) fairly generous portions, all of which were excellent.
  • Filet Mignon – but bacon wrapped. (1)
  • Picanha – A prime cut of top sirloin, with a very tasty seasoning.  This was T-Rex’s favorite, as it turned out, evidenced not only with words but actions with an estimated eight (8) helpings.  The gaucho server pretty much knew to stop by our table each time he emerged with a hot roasted skewer.
  • Picanha – ah, yes, there is a garlic version.  “The best,” said the cook.  Too much garlic, and it wasn’t a repeat. (1).
  • Lombo – Pork loin encrusted with Parmesan cheese... T-Rex prefers beef, but thought well of Lombo.  Two (2) helpings.  This scored high on my list as well as my son’s.
  • Alcatra – A seasoned top sirloin (1)

Sixteen (16) helpings +/- 1.  I guess she couldn’t make it to 21.

I also had a very moist helping of Linguica (cured pork sausage), Frango (a Cornish hen tasting chicken), a well seasoned but somewhat tough Fraldinha (essentially a Flank steak) and Cordeiro (gamey tasting lamb).

Escaping our notice were the Costela (beef ribs), Costela de Porco (not surprisingly, pork ribs) and Beef Ancho (Rib Eye).  We didn’t see them come by, but had several opportunities to ask for anything we wanted. 

Dinner was also served with several side dishes (grit cake, mashed potatoes and caramelized bananas), as well as very fresh cheese bread, made in snack sizes.

To top it off, we received a carry-out bonus, a Panettone cake for dining with them during the holiday season.  Nice touch.


And all of that made for a happy kid.  You’ll note the glass of water, hardly the drink expected for one’s 21st birthday.  Well, it was a couple days early, and she hasn’t taken an interest in anything other than a daiquiri or piƱa colada... virgin ones.


On the ride home, a car in front of us had a bumper sticker which read, “Enjoy this day – compliments of God.”

To which my daughter added, “And to my dad and the two guys with yummy skewers of steak!” – taking note, of course, of Mr. Filet and Mr. Picanha.

5 of 5 STARS

(Rating is for my daughter AND the restaurant, a perfect pairing)


  1. Oh man that sounds good! Now I'm hungry!!!


  2. FC is a wonderful place. We celebrated Alia's graduation there. The trick is not to spend too much time at the wonderful salad bar. FWIW, the Picanha (non garlic) is my favorite. Even kept my little stop/go button. Glad you enjoyed it!!!