Father John Misty – Fear Fun

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At first listen, this CD suffered for not sounding exactly like Fleet Foxes, from which Joshua Tillman, here recording under a pseudonym, recently sang and played drums. However, he brings with him a suitable helping of FFs eclecticism and backing vocals, and that’s a good start.  He’s swapped the northwest for his new home, Hollywood, and humor often prevails.  The CD entertains with its whimsy, to-the-point instrumentation, and lyrical variety.  On the other hand, it’s sometimes clunky with its beat and at times runs too close to other artists (“Every Man Needs a Companion” ~ Neil Young).  Don’t know if it has staying power, but it’s an enjoyable listen.

Recommended: “Nancy From Now On,” “Writing a Novel,” “Now I’m Learning to Love the War”

3 of 5 STARS

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