Dragon*Con 2012 Parade

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Last year, arriving an hour prior to the start, a fair number of people were gathered, but there was ample curb space to be had for those who wanted unobstructed views of the parade.  This year... no such luck.  Apparently, 90 minutes is required.


We had friends that made the wait enjoyable, and finally, the parade began.  This guy cheated a bit getting help taking photos, but I’d like to know how her aim was. 


Stan Lee, Marvel comics creator extraordinaire, having a look at the... crowd.  Yeah.


The number of African-Americans was up this year, adding color to many popular characters.


Dean Cain, best known for “Lois and Clark.”  Teri Hatcher should have been there...


Captain America’s support troops.


Wonder Woman, okay.  Wonder Woman with creepy eyes... I dunno.  Click the pic to enlarge.



My, how the kids grow.  This young lady is costumed as Shamus, the heroine in Nintendo’s Metroid.


And here she was in the 2010 parade:

Lou Ferigno shows for the audience.


Way up there, and he juggled too.



The parade introduced some interesting Steampunk themed vehicles.



This girl blew bubbles, but looked like she was made of porcelain.



Apparently, the Dark Side does have cookies.



I think this was the last Dragon*Con parade for me.  This year, the participants were supposed to be pre-screened, resulting in what one would think would be a shorter parade.  It wasn’t, lasting 80 minutes or longer.  In addition to the wait beforehand, the sidewalks are entirely too crowded during the event, with people shuffling by seemingly expecting to find an opening where they can watch the parade.

The number of participants needs to be curtailed significantly by an improved vetting process to shorten the parade or the parade needs to begin sooner to allow enough time for convention goers to get to the 11:30 panel session.  And, as the venue has outgrown its public, the parade route should be be extended to allow the hordes a fair chance to actually see the parade.  As much as I have little sympathy for those who arrive late, particularly those with small kids, it’s regrettable that so many can’t enjoy the experience.

Additional photos can be seen HERE.

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