Dragon*Con 2012 – Day 2

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Saturday began with the parade, subject of a separate post.  Fighting the hordes, we rushed to the Batman panel, featuring Adam West and Burt Ward from the 60’s series, managing to fill in a few leftover seats.


This series began late, and then was further interrupted by a City Councilman who read very lengthy “Whereas” biographies ultimately pronouncing that the City of Atlanta was pronouncing the day both as Burt Ward Day and Adam West Day.  Yippee, yay, and such.  That cost an additional 10 minutes of collective audience patience.  The remaining half hour included fairly swift Q&A, ultimately suggesting that Adam West still seeks validation as THE Batman and that he misses whatever celebrity status he once enjoyed.  Burt Ward, on the other hand, clearly has embraced his past but has moved on to other interests, such as dog rescues.  He was happy to discuss his dog food products at length in the Walk of Fame area.  Specific questions about specific Bat-Devices on certain episodes were humorous (as well as Ward’s remarkable recollection of them), and the panel was well worth the (abbreviated) time.

After that was a wandering of sorts, for an affordable, efficient and tasty lunch (harder to find than most would like), perusing vendor areas, and taking photographs of strangers.

Holy Lego sci-fi action figures, Batman!




This guy had his cell phone strapped onto his vambrace. 


Eventually, time rolled around to David Gerrold’s talk.  Gerrold wrote Star Trek’s “The Trouble with Tribbles” episode as well as others, plus a series of books (“The War Against the Chtorr)” my wife and I had read.  He was a constant whirl of motion (adding Coke frequently) as he paced the aisle taking Q&A.  He had entertaining stories of Gene Roddenberry’s genius, which conflicted with a tendency to break promises.  Also entertaining was his proposed Star Wolf TV series, which would kill off celebrity Captains every few episodes, keeping the Chief Officer as the main character. 


My intention following this panel was to quickly have “The Way of Kings” autographed by Brandon Sanderson, then move on to a “tell all” panel about “Psychics.”  I should know better.  Everything at Dragon*Con involves a line.  Sanderson has just completed Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” series, and I’ve read everything else he’s released in the past year.  The line took a little well, and though we traded a few words, I wasn’t prepared for the “Do you have a question for me?”  It’s like a Santa granting a wish, and I was Ralphie too far gone down the slide.  How about, “In the Mistborn series, did you plan out the 2nd and 3rd novels in advance?  Or were you just lucky that you laid a foundation in the first book that allowed those to build upon it so well?”  Or, “As a Mormon, do you use your religious themes for an added context around your plot, or are you attempting to push readers to examine their own belief systems?”



And, after that, I was pretty tired, mostly due to standing an eternity at the parade, and opted to head home, missing out on who knows how many photo ops.

P.S. The Star Wars franchise would have benefited from female Jedi.


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