Osage Farms

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On a return trip from Asheville, my wife and I stopped by Osage Farms, a roadside produce stand located in Dillard, GA.  Other than its reputation, what set this stand apart from others along the route were customers.  Rather than the 0-2 people browsing at others, this had about 20 cars. 

Once inside, it became weird.  There was a wide variety of produce, and ample amounts of each.  So, why were the shoppers seemingly in a race to gather what they wanted?  Frenetic vegetable shopping, in the North Georgia Mountains...

When checking out, we asked the cashier about what seemed to be a rushed crowd.  Her response: “You should have been here yesterday (Sunday).  People buy like they never et (ate) before.”   Well, okay then.  Just another normal day at the Osage Farms roadside vegetable stand.



We got our share, certainly, but the question regarding such things isn’t about how pretty they look but rather how they taste.  After feeding our extended family, the verdict regarding the white corn, black eyed peas, string beans, and sliced tomatoes (along with a ham), was unanimous.  Of course it was better than the grocery store offerings.  The only issue that resupplying is a 4 hour round trip.  

All photos taken (in an obligingly rushed fashion) with the Hipstamatic app for iPhone.

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