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Understand that it was my birthday, and I took a vacation day.  So far, so good, right?  Well, it was also the chosen day to take my son for a campus tour of the University of Georgia.  Being a Clemson grad, and with a daughter already at Ga Tech, it’s hard for me to have any type of soft spot for UGA.  So, rather than just writing off the day (other than quality time with my son), I did some research.

Best burgers in Athens, GA.  Why not?

And, so, after looking forward to a good burger through the interminable tour, we finally arrived at the restaurant.


The restaurant is fairly small, with a brightly colored retro decor.


I happen to like robots, so I was quickly won over by obscure movie posters… very obscure, in fact.  The below had an Italian title.


We were quickly greeted with menus, which basically consisted of various burgers and hot dogs, but not so many that you would have difficulty in making a choice.

The reviews frequently mentioned a Peanut Butter and Bacon burger. I’ll have to say that the thought of this combination did not exactly appeal, but, when I have no plans to ever return to Athens (except possibly for a concert someday, or visit Terrapin brewery, or go to a football game… well, whatever), this might be considered a once in a lifetime “opportunity.”

The onion rings came out first… very hot and perfectly breaded.


Following shortly was the 1/3 lb. burger.


Yeah, that’s kind of dark and mysterious.  And really, you want to know what it looks like on the inside, right?  I did too.


A gooey mess.  The burger was actually well cooked and as such things go, it was well assembled.  At this point, I’d like to say it was the most amazing burger experience I’ve ever had.  But, it wasn’t. 

So, I picked it up.  Kind of necessary, right?  And I couldn’t help but notice all the drainage.  Usually, this is grease.  But, in comparing the drippings from my son’s South Street burger, I couldn’t blame the drippings on the meat or the chef.  You heat peanut butter, and it drips.  Figures.  I don’t know that I’ve ever had an occasion to heat peanut butter, and I won’t have another.

The overriding flavor, beef-lettuce-tomato-peanut butter-bacon-bread all considered, was salty.  My advice would be to encourage an unknowing friend to try this singular option, and choose something closer to the beaten path for yourself.


Bearing this grisly sight in mind, in either an unfortunate seat placement or information posting, this was just to the right of my seat.


This wasn’t needed, of course.  A double helping of Cheerwine kept my throat clear.  I will say that the visit had two happy endings.  First was the inclusion of bubble gum with the check.


As a slice of watermelon soothes the tongue after a spicy Thai dish, the bubblegum helped relieve the peanut butter flavor that may have remained for quite a while otherwise.

The other bonus was the neighboring record store, Low Yoyo Stuff Records.  Suddenly, it’s feeling like a birthday, and I walked away with a couple used discs from Porcupine Tree and Frank Zappa.  Very nice, mixed selection.


Even without the record store, I’d probably make it a point to return to Clocked, but with a different burger selection.  Five Guys is consistent, but I like the variety offered here.

4 of 5 STARS

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