Honda U3-X

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A friend passed this clip on to me a couple weeks ago, and it seems that wherever I turn, I come across it again.  Before it fully falls within the realm of yesterday’s news, sure.  I’ll use it for blog filler.  It qualifies in that 1) it’s really cool and 2) I don’t really have to say a lot about it.

But, of course, I do have a few things to say:

1) Really cool stuff of late seems to be victim of a phase of diminishing returns.  Anything that captures our attention seems to be solely within the realm of consumer electronics – not that I’m complaining. Sure, Apple and Google are battling over cell phones, but these are but further generations of Captain Kirk’s communicator.  3D HD?  Yawn.  And so it goes.  Now, if someone is searching for a stunning invention, then a Gulf sized oil accumulator or an otherwise environmentally safe cure for Kudzu are a couple of starter suggestions.  In the meantime, it’s hard to imagine anyone watching the video without a reaction that leans towards “Wow.” U3-X jumpstarts the imagination nicely. 

2)  The implications… It obviously would rely on American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) modifications for ramps or level surfaces in public venues, but it does offer intriguing opportunities for the disabled or elderly, in the home or the workplace.

3) As my friend pointed out, U3-X does seem inspired by Wall-E (it’s a movie; watch it and be entertained).  It’s white smooth surfaces do seem inspired by the simple elegance and simplicity of an iPod or Wall-E’s Eva robot (sans Blaster).

  Apple iPod 5th Generation White (30 GB) MP3 Player Image






Regrettably, Wall-E’s more advanced depiction would probably not pass muster with worldwide Institutes of Health.  The obvious reactionary response is that there will be consumer markets in the U.S. for recreational or laziness (um, efficiency) purposes. We’re just contrarian that way.  Now, if they can only figure out where to put the cup holder…

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