What's in a name?

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Roger Waters (from Pink Floyd) released a song called "Amused to Death" some years ago. It can be seen as an observation that we tend to amuse ourselves to our untimely end, not merely as a diversion, but, possibly, as the ultimate priority that travels with us. Consider all the obligations, chores, confrontations, and commitments avoided in order to pursue our own pleasures.

When, societally, our needs (food, shelter, clothing) become taken for granted, and we have the capacity for getting many of our "wants," there lies the risk of becoming consumed by our desires. There are justifications - "while I have my health," "we only live once," "because I can afford it," "because I like to," but at what point do we become completely selfish?

Is it: at birth if one takes to Original Sin? An observed or inherited behavior from our parents or peers? The logical outworking of Western media and worldview?

This blog will be one of my amusements, I hope. But rather than marking time to my passing, I hope it points to living meaningfully, in the moment. Time will tell.

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